What is Lumpy Mail?

Have you ever sent the same person emails over and over again, or sent the same email to hundreds of people on your mailing list and gotten absolutely no response? If you have, then I feel sorry for you! You may have also tried sending bulk letters and direct mail as another means of getting a potential customer, business partner, consumer, or investor’s attention.

If you still have not seen the results that you wanted from either of the above, then you may want to consider… Lumpy Mail. Yes, it’s actually called Lumpy Mail.

What exactly is it, though? Good question! It sounds like exactly what you think it would be! Lumpy Mail is any package, parcel, or any piece of physical mail that has a 3d object either located inside, outside or surrounding the letter itself.

Lumpy Mail can be anything from a parcel, a mail slip, an inbox notification, a box, or anything physical that has a small (or big, it is your choice!) item inside. Let me explain what the methodology and reasoning behind this is.

Think back to every time in recent years, and even up to recently, what you did when you got a big pile of junk mail from the postman. You probably gave each letter a one-second glance, because you could tell just from the sender or colors or ads on the front exactly what it was; just another piece of junk mail that you didn’t need.

Now, let us imagine a new scenario. What is going to happen if you sift through your usual pile of scammy letters, junk mail, books, pages and pages of coupon books, and all sorts of other crap? What is going to happen if you get down to the very last thing only to find out that there is a small (or sizable) cube or small object inside that parcel? What will happen if you find a plastic bottle or small box that has a letter inside of it!?

Obviously, you are going to open it, and there is no doubt about that, as it is human nature. 100% (I am not making this up, you know!) of people that receive lumpy mail parcels in the post open it because there is something in it.

Even if they do not purchase the product, company, or subscribe to whatever on earth the sender (you of course) is offering, that is a positive memory that they will always have in the back of their head. This can even turn a staunch disbeliever in random associate-lawyer programs or new insurance companies into a customer later down the road.

The entire purpose of having a service such as Lumpy Mail is to dramatically increase the conversion percent of a company when they are sending out advertisements and physical mail parcels. It definitely works, too; those numbers about EVERY single person opening up a Lumpy Mail package did not come out of thin air!

There are numerous places to get mailing lists for your target mail – you can even google specific places and compile your own list if you want. Then you’ll want to purchase your gadgets to include with your sales letter. It’s that simple.

If you are a green-eared company that is looking to get word-of-mouth coverage and increases their conversion rates, then considering Lumpy Mail as a source for advertisements is something you will want to do. Happy Mailing!