Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Website

Many individuals are looking for means that will enable them to save money by finding things they can perform themselves. Some of these tasks include performing basic auto repairs, renovating our homes and even selling homes privately with the involvement of real estate agents. But why is building a website on your own so different?

Whether you are a long or short term business owner, one of your marketing strategies would be the creation of a new website. Since there are costs involved in building websites, one may think of not spending money hiring a professional, but rather decide to make it himself.

Pros of building your website

1. It saves money

Savings is one of the ultimate advantages of building a website on your own. Provided that you end up creating the site successfully, you may end up saving on the costs of hiring professional website designers which would enable to invest in something else that profits the business.

2. Enables one to learn something new

Whenever an individual performs a task which is new to him or her, it, therefore, becomes an educational experience. The web project won’t get off the ground without ample research. There are various steps both technical and design wise when it comes to the development a new site, not to mention the cohesiveness of branding in all your advertising pieces.

3. Flexibility

Provided that you have researched well the steps to build your site, you are therefore able to make it exactly the way want and also change the look without any additional costs because you understand how it has been developed from square one. This knowledge will allow you to do all the monthly upkeep and avoid having to hire a web master in the future as your company makes product updates.

4. Sense of Accomplishment

One gets the feeling of pride and well-being after performing the task to completion. A sense of accomplishment is delightful especially if the process is successful. If you would like to take a stab at building your own site, there are plenty great and affordable tools online as well as beautiful web platforms and systems such as WordPress and their themes, and Squarespace.

Check out this video tutorial as well. There is endless help online for those motivated to build their own site.


Cons of building your website

1. It is time-consuming

Learning the skills and also gaining the knowledge required to make a proper and standard compliant site can take a long time depending on how technically inclined you are.

2. It does not Work Properly

Just like any other profession, there are some bits of wisdom that come through the experience of making mistakes and general in-depth training. Many professional web designers are often temporarily stumped by tricky bits of code and bugs along the way. Since you are not a professional in the field, some problems will arise during and after the completion process, and it may be impossible to figure them leaving you to outsource your project in the end.

3. Your site may look unprofessional

A Hodge Podge look is pervasive among DIY projects. It can be characterized by some pages appearing disorganized, lacking in consistency with photos and text that don’t line up, poor user-
Interface, and many more issues that may cause your project to look highly unprofessional.

Those mentioned above are some pros and cons of building a website yourself. The choice to build your site depends on how one weighs the importance of these advantages and disadvantages and what chances and risks one is willing to take to save money.