Benefits Of Using Print Design In The Digital Age

This digital age has some of us mistaking words on our android screens as a substitute for printed material. Yes, the internet provides a bigger audience than print media raising the question is print design still relevant in the digital age? Let us see the benefits of using print designs to advertise and market your brand.

1. Tangibility

In the form of magazines, print publications, books, and newspapers, we become a people with tangible reads. Having a novel in your hands makes it more real. There are still many individuals who prefer buying newspapers and magazines. A physical ad engages spatial and visual memory creating a complete sensory experience. Maybe that is why book libraries and online sites like Amazon that ship books are still in demand.

2. Audience

If your business targets the older generation, then print publications and advertising through newspapers and magazines is more credible and more legit than digital marketing. Also, there is evidence to suggest that teens and Millennials prefer connection, legitimacy, and authenticity; things that only analog media can provide. Young adults still indulge cards and letters. Tangible content is more legitimate than digital equivalents.

3. Print Designs create impactful impressions

Physical material like written information is more real to the brain. Since print enhances authenticity, connection, and legitimacy, the advertised brand tends to have a more emotional hold on the reader. Research shows that physical materials produce more brain responses due to the emotions of tangibility hence providing a better internalization for ads. A well designed and informative leaflet is more legitimate to readers that its digital counterpart.

4. Unplugging generation

We are a digitally obsessed generation. With so many confusing words on screens as replacements for words on paper, being plugged in is almost frustrating. Even so, we cannot disregard that despite our obsession with tech, we have begun understanding the value of unplugging and going offline now and then to have a real life. We hence turn to magazines, newspapers, books, and printed publications for entertainment and engagement. A brand that still values the importance of print designs in this digital age can then capitalize on such moments.

5. Print ads are flexible

The beauty of print media is the affirmation it gives. Some people like the Sunday newspapers, other love Mondays, and so on. That indicates that print media allows writing for your audience in mind. You can choose to advertise specific brands on the paper that reach that particular demographic. Also, print designs allow budgeting of campaigns more efficiently. You can do quarter-page, half-page, or full page.

Print designs are tactile and steadfast. That is why as a brand, you should incorporate print media to digital.